The Kindness Hub

If you can’t make it to GOK 2018 events, don’t despair!


We encourage you to hold your own events during and after Gathering of Kindness week.  Your event could be an organised gathering, a session at a weekly meeting or even just a collection of conversations   Film them in short grabs (even on your phone) or tell us about them so we can share them with the community on our More Gatherings page.


Please explore our Kindness resource Hub - a collection of useful resources for you to build kindness at work for yourself,  your colleagues, patients and families.  Consider running your own mini events or start conversations in your workplace.


And please add your own resources, comments and feedback on the Contact page so we can keep the conversation flowing!  If appropriate, we'll add them to the Hub.  And please join our Facebook Group to share your thoughts and ideas.

New videos!


Elizabeth Broderick AO has drawn from her considerable experience in human rights to deliver a series of video insights for us.  Watch out for more on our Videos page!  They will be a wonderful resource for starting meaningful conversations. We thank Elizabeth for her generosity and wisdom.


We encourage you to host your own gatherings and create discussions among your colleagues and associates.

To that end we have created a range of resources, ideas and inspirations to get your conversations off the ground.

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Wearable Kindness 

Get ready to cap, tee, and even tote for Gathering of Kindness 2018.

Based on demand and feedback the range has been expanded to include the very popular Gathering of Kindness as well as our 2018 hashtag #KindnessWorksHere.


Both equally efficient and scientifically proven to promote the benefits of kindness wherever you wear!


Videos can be a powerful means to elicit discussion.  Here we present a collection of thought-provoking and inspiring videos created by kindness colleagues.

Hush Music

The Hush Collection features music composed and performed by some of Australia's most eminent artists, especially to create a calming environment for patients, carers and health professionals.  Some of our music features lyrics which can be used to stimulate conversations about kindness and the value of the arts in health.

Kindness Connections

Here we include links and information about a variety of organisations, endeavours and resources in research and professional development in specialised and more general applications throughout the health care sector and beyond.  Be it information or inspiration, we're here to share.  


We have collected some of the literature that discusses the role of kindness in health care.  You can use it to find articles to discuss at staff meetings or journal clubs.

In Macedon, Victoria in March-April 2016, 100 leaders, philosophers and innovators gathered to conceptualise ways to transform health care culture.  The inaugural Gathering of Kindness was not only inspiring but also provided practical recommendations for advancing kindness in health care.  


Here we provide the summary of the two-day event with recommendations for other Gatherings.

Gathering 2016
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