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The Gathering of Kindness Anthology

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The healthcare industry has struggled to separate itself from a culture of bullying and stress. Rather than focusing on merely escaping this culture, the way forward is to focus on the type of culture we do want to create - a kind healthcare system.


Based on this philosophy of taking the positive direction, the first Gathering of Kindness event was run in Melbourne in 2016. A wide variety of people attended - not just doctors, but patients, family, administrators, politicians, media, lawyers, students, musicians, and artists. We wanted some way to record the conversations and ideas that came from this wonderful assembly of people, so at the end of the conference we collected contributions from over 40 of the participants. It is from these contributions that the Anthology was formed.


The Gathering of Kindness Anthology is a collection of incredible stories, ideas, action plans, and creative impressions of this kind healthcare system, and how to get there.  And by purchasing the book, you'll be supporting the Hush Foundation and helping continue the quest for kindness.


Who is this book useful for?


Anyone who works in the healthcare industry. Anyone who wants to learn how to build a kind culture. Anyone who wants to understand the different perspectives of people on every side of healthcare. Anyone who enjoys reading stories from real people. Anyone who wants a thought-provoking read for their waiting room or coffee table, or who wants to stimulate discussion at their own Gathering.


This book is designed to be visually appealing and is perfectly suited to be read in small parts. The Gathering of Kindness Anthology will show you the variety of human thought.

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