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Gathering of Kindness resources

#KindnessWorksHere posters

Below are a series of posters in different sizes, with each download including 6 different posters with messages of ways to care for yourself and others. 

Feel free to display these in your office or around your healthcare organisation!


Kindness e-greetings

Insert one of our e-greeting thank you notes into your emails, and pass on a little thanks to a colleague or friend who has made your day. These artworks were inspired by the birds featured on the artworks of our Hush Volume 19 album, Gathering of Kindness, and were drawn by the very talented Poppy Martin.

just a little note to say.jpeg
Well, aren't you the bees knees.png
my warmest thanks.jpeg

Hush and Kindness bookmarks

With thanks to one of our dear Hush volunteers, Hannah Lacey, we hope you enjoy this range of downloadable Hush and kindness bookmarks.

Simply download and cut to size, and share with some of your colleagues and book loving friends!

Stripes Kindness works Here bookmark.jpe
blue bookmark hush.jpeg
Swirls bookmark.jpeg
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