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The Gathering of Kindness is a Hush Foundation movement transforming health and aged care cultures that prioritise kindness, respect and wellbeing for staff, patients, families and carers.


For over two decades, we have commissioned and pioneered the use of creative tools including theatre for education, music, literature, dialogues and events to ignite kindness and reframe care.

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"We work with artists, patients, health and care staff to capture the healing power of kindness through music, the arts, and connecting with people. I believe healthcare needs creative voices to help soften the edges of these stressful environments for people - they can help all of us in the care business to do our jobs even better."

Prof Catherine Crock AM - Founder and CEO, Hush Foundation

How you can join the kindness tribe

Do you also believe in the power and importance of a kinder healthcare system for all?


Attend a Gathering of Kindness Event

Be kind to yourself first. Learn more about the art and science of kindness. Reconnect
with your purpose and with like-minded colleagues at our joyous, informative, creative
annual event (in person and online)

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Become a GoK subscribing organisation

Gift all your staff access to inspiring learning resources all year and the online gathering
of kindness, with additional discounts and perks.

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Host your own Gathering of Kindness

We’ll help! Purchase our DIY kindness kit with posters, promotions, prizes, awards and
ideas for generating celebration, conversation, creativity and culture change.

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More culture change resources

The Hush Foundation also produces Healthcare theatre, presentations and workshops,
healing music and audio-visual screens.

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"When we're kind to each other, we open our bandwidth and we help people to perform at their very best. There's a ton of evidence on that. Kindness pays. It pays for ourselves. It pays for our patients. And it pays for our teams and our organisations as well... boy, is it worth it"

Dr Chris Turner (GoK 2022 presenter)

Physician and Founder of Hush Foundation and Gathering of Kindness

"Fostering a culture of kindness enhances collaboration among team members. This leads to reduced errors, improved staff safety, well-being and retention and ultimately improved quality and safety for patients, and their families. I use it and see it every day in my work."

Professor Catherine Crock AM

Physician and Founder of Hush Foundation and Gathering of Kindness

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#Kindness WorksHere

The evidence is clear; there is a direct relationship between staff wellbeing and patient wellbeing. It is well understood that disruptive or intimidating behaviours by staff undermine team effectiveness and compromise quality and safety.

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The Hush Gathering of Kindness aims to build, nurture and instil a culture of kindness throughout the health care system.


Learn the ways kindness is driving change for the better around the world.

Whether you're working in health and aged care, accessing hospital, home or community health services, or simply wanting to play a role in transforming healthcare for the better, we'd love you to join us. You'll hear from local and international speakers, explore the topics of staff wellbeing and patient safety, and hear important perspectives from our junior doctors and medical staff on things that matter to them.

Everyone has a role to play: kindness starts within all of us.

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