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The Kindness Exchange

The Kindness Exchange provides a collaborative place online to share and promote local kindness innovation and improvement projects. This is the place to showcase the great work that is happening to promote Kindness and Joy at work across Australia and Internationally. It is also an opportunity to recognise the commitment and expertise of staff working in healthcare.


Submit your small and large-scale Kindness innovations and improvements to share with and benefit the broader health system.  You can submit your initiative using the form here or download a copy.  Read more below.

About Kindness Exchange


The Kindness Exchange provides a collaborative place to share and promote local Kindness innovation and improvement projects from all healthcare organisations across the World.


It is designed to share solutions that can be adapted to suit other local health challenges, without the need to duplicate work that has already been undertaken.

Small and large scale innovations and improvements generated are recognised and shared to benefit the broader health system. 

The Kindness Exchange aims to:


  • Collect and promote information and resources about current Kindness projects, and improvements across Australia and beyond.

  • Provide resources to assist and encourage health professionals to make improvements and foster Kindness in their own healthcare setting/organisation.

  • Deliver a learning platform for new ways of improving and innovating for local needs and share experiences and lessons.

  • Connect health professionals with others who share similar interests to improve the patient/consumer and staff experience.

Why Submit?


If you’ve designed or implemented a project that aims to improve the patient or staff experience, the Kindness Exchange is a great opportunity to share your project with a wider audience and recognise the efforts of your team. You’ll have a page on the Kindness Exchange dedicated to your project, so other's can see what you’ve achieved and work out if it will help them solve a similar health challenge in their organisation or facility. Your summary can be used for a number of purposes, like sharing with your team, applying for speaking opportunities or promoting your project in the community. You don’t even need to have a completed project to publish it on the Kindness Exchange – we also accept projects that are in the planning or implementation stages.



Eligibility Criteria


Your project will be assessed by our team against the eligibility criteria outlined below.

Only high-quality projects that score at least nine will be considered, so it is important to ensure your submission is relevant, useful and current. 


RELEVANT: Is it relevant to all health services?

5: Highly relevant to all health services and possibly internationally

4: Relevant to many health services across Victoria and nationally

3: Relevant to a number of health services in Victoria

2: Relevant to a small number of sites in some areas

1: A unique project that’s not relevant to other areas and settings


USEFUL: Does it provide enough information to implement the project in other settings?

5: Provides all information and resources required for wider implementation

4: Provides most of the information required for wider implementation

3: Provides useful information but doesn’t consider wider implementation

2: Provides some information but focuses on implementation in pilot sites

1: Provides very little information about implementation of the project


CURRENT: Is it a unique project that has been implemented or evaluated recently?

5: Developed in the last 12 months and is considered topical and a high priority

4: Developed in the last 12 months and is part of an ongoing improvement program

3: Developed in the last 18 months and is part of an ongoing improvement program

2: Developed 2-3 years ago but content is now outdated and has no limited relevance

1: Developed three or more years ago and has no clinical relevance today



The Kindness Exchange is a public website, which means it’s available for anyone to read. For this reason, you’ll need to be careful when including politically-sensitive information or negative outcomes. Consider whether what you are writing will impact your organisations’ reputation or generate negative media attention. If you’re not sure, contact us for clarification




If you prefer, use this Word version and email it to

Word form
Further information
How to submit your KINDNESS Project 
  • Fill out the online form or download the Word version and email to


The publishing process
  • Our team will use the eligibility criteria to determine whether your project is suitable for publication on the Kindness Exchange.

  • We will work with you to develop your project summary to the highest standards, by providing feedback and edits on your submission.

  • You will have the opportunity to review our edits and provide any further information, changes or approvals required.

  • Once everyone is happy with the content in your summary, we will publish it on the Kindness Exchange.

  • Your project will have a dedicated URL that you can use to share your project with your team or other stakeholders. New projects will also be mentioned on the Hush Website .



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