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Kindness Videos

Here we present a collection of thought-provoking and inspiring videos from kindness colleagues.  They are a wonderful resource for starting meaningful conversations.  We will continue to add to the collection.

Paul Levy on Kindness

Paul Levy, former hospital CEO and health blogger, explains that kindness is not a directive but a reflection of the underlying values of virtually every health professional.

Chris Turner - When rudeness in teams turns deadly

At TEDxExeter, emergency medicine consultant Chris Turner discusses research and describes real-life experiences where rudeness between staff impacts outcomes.

The Kindness in Cancer Care videos are a collection of short stories sharing what ‘kindness’ looks like for people during the cancer care experience. These stories are from people in our regional and rural communities.

Kindness in Cancer Care 

Kindness Works at Bass Coast Health

Thanks to our friends at Bass Coast Health for creating this video summary of what kindness means in their workplace.  "Kindness matters. And the evidence is very clear - there is a direct relationship between staff wellbeing and patient wellbeing".

Small Acts of Kindness


An inspiring look at how acts of kindness can transform the patient experience.  Produced by Far West Local Health District, NSW


The Honourable Linda Dessau

Patron in Chief of the Hush Foundation, Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau, Governor of Victoria, talks about the need for a more compassionate healthcare system and the contribution Gathering of Kindness 2017 can make to the conversation. We thank her greatly for her kind words!

Dr Raj


Dr Rajagopal, human rights award winner for his work in palliative care in India, and the 'spiritual leader of ethical medicine', has much wisdom to offer the cause of kindness.  We also recommend you look at Hippocratic, the documentary about Dr Raj.


We are kind by nature.  Dr Raj reminds us that we are innately kind, but our circumstances don't always allow that kindness to be expressed.


What healthcare needs  Dr Raj believes health care has been too disease-focused and needs a greater focus on empathy, dignity and respect.

More from Elizabeth Broderick

The importance of Kindness.  Liz talks about handing dignity back. "We are all born equal in rights and with dignity".

Being Too Busy.  It's at our busiest moments that we need to remember kindness. "We're too busy NOT to be kind".

Upgrade to Kindness.  The most effective leaders communicate with authenticity and shared vulnerability.

Breaking the Kindness Barrier.  The power of story allows us to connect at a deeper level.

The Leadership Lottery.  There is a need for leadership which includes compassion and encourages authentic communication in both directions.

The Culture of Care.  Elizabeth calls for a healthcare culture addressed by empathy and individual responsibility.

Solutions.  Using your "compassionate self" to turn your emotions into positive action.

The Culture of Bad Behaviour.  Being willing to call out bad behaviour has a lasting impact on the culture of your organisation.

Mindfulness and Kindness  Liz talks about the importance of self-awareness in managing our behaviour.

Congratulations  Liz congratulates Dr Catherine Crock AM on her work building the movement for kindness.

Elizabeth Broderick


Elizabeth Broderick AO has drawn from her considerable experience in human rights to deliver a series of video insights for Gathering of Kindness.  These videos, which could be used to open a discussion, emphasise why kindness should be a driver of all interactions in health care.


Check the Playlist on our YouTube channel for the full collection.


We thank Elizabeth for her generosity and wisdom.

Dr Gordon Schiff: Knowing your patients better


Gordon Schiff, MD, General Internist and Safety Science Director for the Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care Academic Innovations Collaborative, talks about having a strong personal relationship with patients and the danger of taking a too "academic" approach to patient care.


More from Dr Schiff

Communication Consistency.  Gordon talks about "sub-optimisation" and the importance of communication in best outcomes.

Reaching Across Boundaries.  Gordon talks about keeping "arm's length" from patients and the need to reach across those boundaries.

Dr Catherine Crock: A New Health Care Culture


Dr Catherine Crock AM, Founder of the Hush Foundation and Gathering of Kindness, shares her vision of a transformed healthcare culture, in which bullying is addressed and kindness is a fundamental guiding principle.


Hearts in Healthcare: ICU and Patient Experience


I woke up in intensive care. My eyes were swollen shut. My jaw was wired closed. There was a machine forcing air through a hole in my throat. I couldn't see, I couldn't speak, I couldn't drink, I couldn't even breathe for myself but I could hear EVERYTHING.


From Hearts in Healthcare


Cleveland Clinic: Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

Patient care is more than just healing -- it's building a connection that encompasses mind, body and soul. If you could stand in someone else's shoes . . . hear what they hear. See what they see. Feel what they feel. Would you treat them differently?

Hon Lara Giddings MP: A More Resourceful Health System


Former Premier of Tasmania and supporter of the Hush Foundation Hon Lara Giddings MP talks for Gathering of Kindness about the difference between budgetary resources and the limitless and free resource of Kindness.


Dr Benjamin Veness: A New Way to Measure Care


Dr Benjamin Veness talks about the need to find new ways to measure the effectiveness of health care. Kindness is hard to quantify but needs to be considered along with more measurable performance indicators.


Cleveland Clinic Empathy Series: Patients: Afraid and Vulnerable

When you're in the hospital, everything changes. You depend on caregivers for everything. Each word, each touch, each visit really matters. "Cleveland Clinic's Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care" told part of the story. But there's much more. You'll be moved by these life-changing stories, and astonished when you learn what these patients have in common.

Great Work Stories: Moses and Mindi


How does a hospital janitor play a critical role on the healing team? When Mindi's son needed specialized lifesaving surgery, she, her husband and little McKay flew across the country to find a qualified team. Surrounded by renowned doctors and world-class facilities, they were surprised to find the care and healing McKay needed came from the last member of the hospital's staff they would have expected.

From O. C. Tanner Co.

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