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A tool for 'kindfulness'

Updated: May 9, 2018

By Christine Ireland, teacher.

The Kindness sessions I went to on November 3, 2017, were immediately applicable to not only my line of work, but also to every association with which I am involved. (Also very applicable to marriage!) It spoke to the fact that we all impact significantly upon each other’s journey.

Professionally, it was about bringing the joy back to the practice.

For me it was apparent from the workshops that even though kindness in the work place (and life) manifests itself in many ways, its absence does too. I then began collecting phrases from the presentations that fitted these two categories. The power of seeing the lists side by side was knowing that items on the negative side could be replaced with items from the positive side. This understanding, this mindfulness, seems to give power to kindfulness.

With a little flexibility and creativity, I have designed the tool below.

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