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Gathering of Kindness 2017 - Join the Conversation

From Dr Catherine Crock AM

This year the Hush Foundation is expanding the reach of our conversations about a kind culture in healthcare. We would like to involve as many people as possible so we can work on solutions together.

Join us for any of the events you can get to or design your own Gathering. All events are free entry though we ask you to register so we can know who to expect.

Gordon has produced a website to make it easy for you to find out what is happening and to give you a toolkit of topics and ideas you can use at your own events. There is an extensive bibliography of relevant articles and a library of videos and clips you can use as conversation starters.

There are T-shirts , singlets and polo shirts you can order with the GOK logos.

We would love to see your videos of what goes on at your event.

This week I joined Jon Faine on ABC Melbourne 774 to talk kindness in healthcare with Jon and Dr Ranjana Srivastava on the Conversation Hour.

A sneak peek at the calendar:

Monday we visit Wangaratta at North East Health where our new play “What Matters” by Alan Hopgood AM and Dr Catherine Crock AM, will have its World Premiere. We will also hold a lunchtime roundtable with special guest Dr Lorraine Dickey who uses a unique narrative approach to work with all types of people in health care to address complex workplace challenges, such as patient and family centered care, compassion fatigue, burnout, and challenges in professionalism and ethics.

Tuesday morning at Monash Health we again perform the play “What Matters”. We launch a fascinating book by Lucy Mayes “Beyond the stethoscope- restoring hope, heart and healing to medicine.” And we launch the Gathering of Kindness anthology edited by Michelle Phillips, which contains reflections and insights from GOK 2016 participants.

Then there is the launch of the Monash Cares strategy followed by a performance from Hush musicians Slava and Leonard Grigorian with David and Dianne from Sidewalk Tango. You will hear about the effects of Tango in Parkinson’s and Dementia.

Tuesday afternoon we visit EACH in Bayswater for the play “What Matters” at their leadership forum.

Wednesday morning “Hear Me” play for final year medical students at Melbourne University and a fireside chat with Dr Lorraine Dickey on whatever topics the students would like to discuss.

A workshop on compassionate leadership by EACH held at Dandenong Hospital, Monash Health.

Wednesday afternoon session is at VCCC “Breaking the rules for Kindness” with a performance of “What Matters” and a discussion forum with Dr Lorraine Dickey.


Monash Health with Rachel Callender and Karin Morrison

Sale Hospital Lunchtime seminar, Walk for Kindness and video sessions for staff and visitors.


Gathering of Kindness Patient Experience forum at Docklands Melbourne

A range of story starters, workshops, Slava and Leonard Grigorian and Sidewalk Tango, Dumbo Feather and more. It will be a day to remember.

For the detailed calendar and to see how you can get involved look at

Partners are Monash Health, Safer Care Victoria and VMIA.

We look forward to seeing you or to hearing about your events and activities.

Please feel free to share them through our website.

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