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Panel discussions with Lorraine, Sue and
Author to Author
Our Author to Author Series

We've brought together some fabulous guest authors and patient storytellers together in conversation about their books and online resources! 

'Stand by me' - A conversation with Canadian storytellers Sue Robins and Karen Klak

Good friends, Canadian authors and patient and family storytellers Sue Robins and Karen Klak join together in conversation, exploring their own healthcare journeys as the patient and family in a healthcare system that sometimes works with them, and sometimes does not.


We are delighted to share the news of Karen’s new book Happy Faces Only, a soon to be published memoir about the life of her daughter Haley.


A must read for any healthcare professional, caregiver or patient, check out Sue Robin’s book, ‘Birds Eye view – Stories of a life lived in healthcare’.

'What a wonderful world' - Gathering of Kindness Author to Author series with Di Percy.

Death and dying has come to the fore in the collective consciousness this year. Healthcare workers and families have born witness to those they care for passing away too soon. Yet facing loss and dying can bring us closer to the wonder of living and the soul of this wonderful world.

Di is joined by author, consultant and facilitator, Lucy Mayes.

To find out more about Di's book and work, head to:

'Staying Alive' - Gathering of Kindness: Author to Author series with Lucy Mayes

Author Lucy Mayes shares what she means by 'Staying Alive' as a healthcare practitioner, and some key insights about the power of humanism, vulnerability and kindness as two-way healing tools in your healthcare toolkit (ie: good for you and good for your patients!). 


Lucy is interviewed by writer, poet and mentor, Di Percy.


You can purchase Lucy's book at

'Don't worry, be happy' Author to Author series with Ivan Zwart and Cam Crawford.

Hush’s Board member and Communication Expert Cam Crawford joins Tasmanian-based author and founder of Happy Ground wellbeing Dr Ivan Zwart to discuss Ivan's journey towards happiness after significant struggles with his mental health.


Ivan is the author of ‘Finding Happy Ground’, a practical guide to hope and happiness, which you can purchase at

Our warmest thanks to our Principle Partners:
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