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Friends who care

Clinicians as team members

Join Associate Professor Rhea Liang and Dr Eric Levi as they discuss the state of 'teams' in the healthcare industry and the complexities of an underlying culture to a team's success.

The Care Balance

Friend of Hush, Jane Munro, Paediatric Rheumatologist at the Royal Children's Hospital, and Senior Medical Adviser for COVID-19 Response Division at Victorian Department of Health talks about the challenges faced when reflecting on work, life and the prioritising in between. 

The Clinician as patient 

Associate Professor Rhea Liang talks about when the tables recently flipped, and Rhea became a seriously ill patient in ICU, needing to rely on colleagues to see her through. Professor Liang is joined by Dr Eric Levi.


In conversation with Fiona Mawson 

Learn about the skills and techniques that can greatly support first responders during times of stress and great need.

Bev Brock OAM, President Elect at Rotary Melbourne, is joined in conversation by Fiona Mawson, Psychologist and EMDR Consultant at Kalinda Wellbeing Centre to talk about the benefits of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and the connections with this work and the Gathering of Kindness community.

These videos have been kindly shared with you all thanks to Hush friends, Rotary Melbourne, the Rotary Action Group for Family Safety, and the Trauma Recovery Network Australia.

To find out more about the Trauma Recovery Network, and the training opportunities available, head to:

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