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Gathering of Kindness Diversity Atlas survey

We've paired up with Cultural Infusion and are inviting our Gathering of Kindness friends to take a short survey to understand the diversity within our Gathering Community.

About Cultural Infusion and the Diversity Atlas

Cultural Infusion’s vision is to create a world that is culturally harmonious. Diversity Atlas is a cultural diversity data-mapping platform that reveals and celebrates the richness of diversity that exists, acting as a catalyst for transformational changes in equality and inclusion. 


Their work with HealthWest Group has shown that when healthcare workers better understand and represent the communities they serve, there are shorter hospital stays and better health outcomes. 


How Does it Work?

With a data driven approach, Diversity Atlas’s unique datasets have defined and ensured all of the world's cultural diversity attributes can be found, because everybody counts. 


For more details, visit www.diversityatlas.com.au and email support@diversityatlas.com.au for further enquiries

Kindness at St Vincent's Health Australia

In celebration of World Kindness Day, Hush and Gathering of Kindness Gold Partner, St Vincent's Health Australia have shared with us this beautiful video of staff reflecting on thoughtful acts of kindness, and how kindness has made a difference at St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne.