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Friends who Create

We Won't Let You Down

Our friends the Invictus Quartet have put together an outstanding video for us to celebrate with our friends!


Featuring an introduction from Natalie Nicholas, the Composer behind the beautiful piece We Won't Let You Down (Hush volume, Collective Wisdom), Invictus Quartet perform this piece together (post our final Victorian lockdown!).


To find out more about this beautiful quartet, head to:


You can stream Natalie's work here:


To purchase the Hush music this sensational piece comes from, head to:

The Memory Test

Some years ago at the Gathering of Kindness USA, our Chair and Founder Professor Catherine Crock AM watched performance artist Kali Quinn perform a piece about the experience of dementia, titled the Memory Test (within a theatre piece titled VAMPING). It has been a piece that has stayed with her to this day. We’re thrilled to share this scene with you all, initially recorded in 2014.


Head to: to get to know Kali and all the creative work she gets up to in Bisbee, Arizona, and across the world!

Content advice: While intended to be a beautiful portrayal of the intricacies of memory, please note that some viewers may find this performance confronting. 

Ever wanted to run away with the circus!?


If, like us, you wouldn’t mind running away with the circus some days, then here are some treats for you! Our friends at the Women’s Circus have shared with us some of their exclusive lessons to take your mind off things, enjoy a bit of self-care and learn some new skills while you’re at it!


The Women’s Circus is a not-for-profit feminist arts organisation based in the Drill Hall in West Footscray (Melbourne, Victoria), offering a year-round program of community, circus and performance training.

For more, click here.

(NB: When participating in these videos, please ensure you are careful, do not push yourself, and to seek medical advice and attention as required.)

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