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Kindness Connections

Carnegie UK Trust 


Over the last few years, the Carnegie UK Trust have prioritised kindness, focusing on it in their research, strategy and approach - believing it to be at the heart of our wellbeing.


You can find a series of recent publications thanks to authors Simon Anderson and Julie Brownlie here:



For information on research and qualitative findings head to: 


The world is full of kindness.  You only have to look...


Colleagues and friends across the world are actively contributing to the conversation for kindness in health care.  Here we include links and information about a variety of organisations, endeavours and resources in research and professional development in specialised and more general applications throughout the health care sector and beyond.  Be it information or inspiration, we're here to share.  


Please alert us to any further connections you feel may be valuable via our Contact page.

Beauty Within Medicine


Founded in 2012 by Dr Lucy Desmond, Beauty Within Medicine celebrates "Diversity, Equality and Community" and focuses on creating resources that help bring these key values to medical education.  We especially find their "Ward Stories" enlightening and inspiring.


You can hear Lucy talk in detail about her work on the Creative Careers in Medicine podcast.

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Beauty Within Medicine

Center for Compassion and Altruism in the WorkplaceCompassion Database



This project from Stanford Medicine includes research, education, lectures and other events, video resources and a comprehensive database of work in the field of compassion and altruism in the workplace.

Institute for Compassionate Leadership


Founded in 2012 by Lodro Rinzler, an author & meditation teacher based in New York City,  the Institute for Compassionate Leadership (ICL) serves to empower socially conscious, self-aware, and compassionate leaders by educating aspiring change-makers in meditation, community organizing, and 21st century leadership skills built for today's workplace environment.


Free podcasts are available on their Soundcloud page.

Hearts in Healthcare


Robyn Youngston is an anaesthetist from New -Zealand who is the co-founder of Hearts in Healthcare, a global social movement for health professionals, students and all those who are passionate about “re-humanising healthcare”. He has generously made all of his powerpoint slides and resources accessible free of charge to anyone who would like to use it.

Planetree - Burnout among healthcare workers: can we turn the tide?


Burnout within the healthcare profession is on the rise. It affects quality of life of personnel, quality of care for patients and families and the bottom line of healthcare organizations.  Planetree, supporting patient-centred care, offer a Caregiver Quality Checking Tool along with a brilliant array of other solutions for professionals seeking better care for patients and staff.

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