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Performance Space
Our Performance 

Immerse yourself in a space where we embrace all forms of arts and creativity, each from unique healthcare perspectives. Featuring dancing, a Hush quartet, the TSO, drawing that will melt your heart, and more!

Our friends at Invictus Quartet, celebrating 20 years of Hush!


#20yearsofhush - It was a conversation with families that inspired our first music album for healthcare some twenty years ago. These families told us music would help calm stressful healthcare procedures, visits and experiences for their sick children... they were spot on.

In celebration of Hush Foundation's 20 year anniversary, our friends at Invictus Quartet have put together this stunning piece for us all to enjoy.

Have you heard about the dancing doctor?

Husband and wife duo, Lucy Mayes and Dr Richard Mayes are great friends of Hush for their innovative and impactful ways of promoting self-care and wellbeing for doctors working in healthcare.

While Lucy has a way with words and is author of Beyond the Stethoscope: Doctors' stories of reclaiming hope heart and healing in medicine, Richard has been joyfully termed "the Dancing Doctor"; known for his holistic approach to health and wellbeing - not to mention his fabulous dance moves! 


When Richard started experiencing burnout with his experience as a GP, he turned to dance which ultimately helped to save his life.


In celebration of this, please enjoy this fabulous dance rendition of 'Staying Alive'. We hope it brings you as much joy as it has us!

The TSO #DailyDose Series.


Throughout this year, our dear friends at the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra shared #HushWednesday daily doses across their social media; highlighting music composed and performed by the TSO for various Hush albums made especially for the healthcare and other stressful environments.


This social series was done as a special gift of thanks for the tireless efforts of our healthcare services, particularly during all the unknowns and health needs that have come with Covid.


As a gift to you, the TSO have very kindly collated these pieces into the attached! So sit back and enjoy, while studying, relaxing, or listen and watch on at your healthcare services, waiting and workplaces.

Learn tango at home thanks to our friends at Tango Escencia 


As a thank you to the healthcare services across the globe,  our friends at Tango Esencia have produced a series of videos, teaching you steps to tango at home!

So if you’ve ever wanted to learn this vibrant and playful dance with experts - now is the time!

Our warmest thanks to Rina and Nadim for sharing their beautiful craft with us all, once again.

Our warmest thanks to our Principle Partners:
Central Gippsland Health, St Vincent's Health Australia, Rotary Action Group for Family Safety and Trauma Recovery network Australia 
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