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Original Theatre and Workshop Information



with Lullaby Project Australia

Join artists from Lullaby Project Australia as you explore and experience the creative song-writing process in an inspiring and relaxed workshop. As a group, participants will collaboratively compose a brand new song centred upon kindness, hope and human connection. 


Lullaby Project Australia sees parents/caregivers collaborate with professional musicians to write a unique lullaby for their child. Focussed on parent to child connection, family wellbeing and early childhood development, the project is delivered in diverse community, health and regional settings across South Australia. 


For more information visit


Lullaby Project Australia is an initiative of Connecting the Dots in Music and delivered in partnership with Carnegie Hall, New York


with Dr Hilton Koppe

writer, creative facilitator/educator, podcaster, doctor.


Come join experienced medical educator, Hilton Koppe, in a playful journey with words. Learn how reflective writing can help transform challenging people into interesting characters. You’re guaranteed to have fun and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Collaborative Art & Yarning

With Aunty Rochelle Patten, Yorta Yorta and Wemba Wemba woman and artist and Uncle Alan Parsons, Nomadic elder, artist, activist and storyteller.

Have a yarn and become a co-creator of a truly unique piece of art using traditional techniques and your hidden artistic talent!  The GoK 2022 7m long artwork will then travel to hospitals around Australia embedding the message of kindness.

What Matters - Hush Foundation Original Healthcare Play

Written by Alan Hopgood AM and Dr Catherine Crock AM


Based on true stories, this Hush play shows how acts of kindness can have the most surprising outcomes. And it’s funny.


Written by renowned Australian playwright, Alan Hopgood AM, What Matters is one of three dramatic Hush Plays which tackle the biggest issues in the culture of health care today - bullying, communication and better patient outcomes.


Performed by recognised and award-winning Australian actors, the plays use real stories and case studies to highlight the issues faced by those working in health care, and the patients and families of those accessing it. 

Art Exhibition

Human.  An exhibition that explores all that is human via a conversation between art & music. Enjoy this art installation brought to our Gathering of Kindness by artist, Anjaq - Jaq Grantford & Andrew Batterham.


Silvertops are a group of older adults who have been participating in the extremely popular Silver Top Groove Therapy (STGT) program at Movement Zone Dance Studio. A beginner dance class taught by qualified instructors Sarah (Sas) Cook and Richard Mayes, known as the 'Dancing Doctor.'


STGT provides the benefits of dance to people of varying physical and psychological abilities in a safe, fun, and non-judgmental environment.  With all the benefits, along with the music that takes us back to our younger, fitter selves, dance allows for movement regardless of injury or impairment. By dancing, people can achieve that balance of health from the inside out, from the physical to the emotional.  The group's performances have become increasingly in demand and enjoyed at events around the state.

Invictus Quartet

Invictus Quartet is a group of four young women with a passion for connecting with people through music of all genres from Bach to Billie Eilish. They are constantly searching for innovative ways to bring the worlds of classical and contemporary together and enjoy diverse performances and collaborations that move and inspire all lovers of music.

A Narrative Initiative

with Vivian Foulke


Narrative Workshops help healthcare professionals by giving them the tools they need to more positively engage with patients and colleagues.


Our Narrative programs empower doctors, nurses, and support staff to integrate the cornerstones of Patient-Centred Care, while providing them with a myriad of tools that make communication more effective and efficient.


The primary goal of our sessions and workshops is to develop our personal and professional interior lives through short reflective writing on specific topics. Our TNI Narrative Facilitators employ innovative educational and validated, research-proven techniques that help healthcare professionals use their own stories to transform the healthcare experience for both the patient and the professional.


with the team from Care Opinion

Storytelling to bring change: building connection not just data collection

Patient stories are a rich source of kindness. They provide an authentic connection and an opportunity for health and care services to partner with consumers for improvement.

This session explores the role of storytelling in the form of relational feedback. Alicia Reid from Care Opinion Australia will share with you approaches to support consumers to start the conversation about their care experience told as a story, including responding to patient experiences told as stories.

Special Preview of  Hush’s 20th original music album, ‘Gratitudes’ by and with Slava Grigoryan

Classical guitar virtuoso, Slava Grigoryan, will be performing original compositions from his upcoming solo album 'Gratitudes'. Commissioned by the Hush Foundation, the album recognises and gives thanks to healthcare workers.  In conversation with writer, musician and ABC Classic Radio broadcaster Ed Ayres (Le Brocq) (author, Whole Notes)

Enduring Witness – The Inner Journey of a Compassionate Doctor

A one-act play written by Hilton Koppe and international co-contributors


Have you ever wondered how doctors and health professional cope with caring for people over many years as their patients develop serious or life-threatening illnesses? Why not join us for the Melbourne premier performance of Enduring Witness – The Inner Journey of a Compassionate Doctor.


Enduring Witness traces the relationship between Geoff, a GP, and one of his patients, Lisa. Geoff initially treats Lisa as a schoolgirl, and then through young adulthood to marriage and parenthood. Lisa develops breast cancer, and we follow the ups and downs for both characters during her treatment, initial remission, relapse and finally her death. The action takes place in Geoff’s clinic room via snippets of conversations from Lisa’s visits to the clinic. Each conversation is followed by an exploration of the inner world of the characters. 

Facilitated discussions between the audience, the two characters and session facilitator (Hilton Koppe) take place at intervals during the play. 


You can expect to laugh, cry and possibly never view doctors in the same light again.

Slava Grigoryan

Regarded as a wizard of the guitar, Slava has forged a prolific reputation as a classical guitar virtuoso. Collaborations have played a huge part in Grigoryan’s career, most notable of these are in the trio with legendary USA guitarist Ralph Towner and Austrian guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel and the duo with brother Leonard Grigoryan. He has received 4 ARIA awards and an incredible 24 ARIA Award nominations. He has been touring internationally since 2003, regularly performing throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA, as well as more exotic performances in Brazil, South Africa, India and the Middle East. Slava is the Artistic Director of the Adelaide Guitar Festival, a position he has held since 2009.

The RMH Scrub Choir

Led by Head of Music Therapy, Dr Emma O'Brien OAM, more than 400 frontline staff at The Royal Melbourne Hospital have come together to provide music therapy to lift spirits in these tough times.


The RMH Scrub Choir is a hospital wide initiative for our staff and the community to participate in and enjoy. The project is all about the power of music to connect us and help us recover as individuals and as a community. Meanwhile, it has successfully embodied the RMH values of leading with kindness, people first and achieving excellence together.

Art, theatre, dance and music

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We would like to acknowledge with sincere thanks, our major event sponsor, Naomi Milgrom Foundation

and Gold Partner, St Vincent's Health Australia

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We would like to acknowledge with sincere thanks, Safer Care Victoria’s Healthcare Worker Wellbeing Centre for supporting healthcare staff and consumers to attend this event.
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