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The Kindness Toolkits

Building a workplace of kindness doesn't have to entail a systemic, resource-intensive overhaul. Simple gestures, repeated, can often be just as transformative.


Below is a range of ideas, tools and resources to help you get started on making a real and lasting impact! 

  • Display positive messages about kindness in your workplace. Remember kindness starts with self-care. Display these free downloadable messages of kindness, or send an e-greeting to thank someone.

  • Kindness can mean different things to different people. Build a kindness wall or tree using these cards and gather a diverse range of views on what kindness means where you are. (This creative idea was inspired by our friends at Monash Health!)

Getting Started

This toolkit is designed to help start conversations on your ward and in your department about kindness and what it means to you.

Explore what kindness means

Spark conversations about kindness with visual reminders

Discussion starters

Implement new practices

Aaron entertaining the crowd.jpg
  • Demonstrate your organisation's commitment to kindness by endorsing robust discussions and learning about kindness.

  • Host a Hush Health Play at your healthcare organisation and discuss how kindness can create safer workplaces and improve wellbeing.

  • Develop your own Gathering of Kindness event based on your organisation's needs and interests. 

Making an Impact

When you're ready to make a bigger impact, this toolkit can help take kindness to a wider audience in your healthcare organisation.

Connect with organisational values

Implement new practices

Discussion starters for leaders

Promote kindness events

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